Friday, August 16, 2013



Men Will Seek Death
- James Bychowski -

When wounds increase
And leaves release
The blood that was your first life

A purple head
Will grow in tears
Under lids that womb your sad eyes

You’ll blink to slick
And flicker bits
That float and stick to your mind

“Good God” you’ll moan
“I can’t believe”
You do, they’re real, you can’t die

You’ll tighten rope
Ease out on beams
Find stones to sharpen dull knives

A purple face
Will grip your heart
Hallucinate, you can’t die

Ancient remnants
Shaded dark
They’re what you were before time

“The vine is strong
But dry like skin
My blood’s recast in its lie”

Purple cheeks
And yellow teeth
A beast will hang in your eyes

He’ll swing his toes
Into the ponds
That shine like sleep in sea-night

When things were small
You fell into
A ghoul who lived in ice light

He tugged your neck
He pinched it shut
You screamed from mouths and death eyes

No one knew
You’d be alone
‘Cept him who shaped in your fear

He is the gorge
That opens up
And heats the bones in your ears

Flex your arms
Growl and threat
Charge God “You created a nightmare!”

Falling fast
Trailing steam
A whisper “. . . you, it’s not Him . . .”