Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fuck it

3:15pm, Bangkok, Sukhumvit Soi 11, December 30, 2006

Learn English Make Cold, 97%

Bangkok subway, December 28, 2006


3pm Thursday December 21, 2006, Beijing Capital International Airport
The PRC faithful shuffle single-file, air thick with smoke. It smelled like forest fires.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bombing Locations in Bangkok

Gaysorn Plaza Bomb Site, Bangkok

This is the bomb site at Gaysorn Plaza directly across the road from Central World--formerly known as World Trade Center. I took these around 10:30am Jan 02. The phone booths are underneath a normally heavily trafficed footbridge used to cross between Gaysorn and Central World. Central World/World Trade Center is pretty much like Times Square on New Years Eve, i.e. place where Bangkok signfies the new year.

This is looking toward Central World, Gaysorn is behind me.

A shot of the footbridge, phone booths and Central World in the background.

Top view from the footbridge.

On the other side of the road looking toward Gaysorn, Central World is behind me.

Very subdued for Bangkok. This is usually one of the classic traffic snarls.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Bangkok New Years Eve 2006

Here's a view of Bangkok last night and this afternoon.

The following two pics show Nana Plaza raging at midnight, no bomb affect here.

Victory Monument, this afternoon 01Jan2007, site of one of the more effective bomb blasts. An elevated Sky Train runs behind the monument, and underneath the train tracks is where the blast occurred in a covered bus stop bench hovel.

Bomb damage to the bus stop hovel.

General area of the VM blast. To the left is the damaged bus stop, and to the right is a very popular outdoor night spot. Those familiar with Bangkok have probably been here as it's right next to the famous jazz club Saxaphone.

Not sure what the white circles are, but they're related to the blast as officials were marking and analyzing them.

Another shot of the bus stop.

TV coverage on the VM blast.