Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another album alert. This one's by a guy who calls himself Cherry Ghost.

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This is the latest by Los Lobos.

One of the songs, 'The Valley', was featured at the end of a
Sopranos episode this past season--that's what turned me on to the record.

Really great music. Check it out if you can.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

US Department of Defence handout photo dated 11 January 2002 of detainees in orange jumpsuits sitting in a holding area at Camp X-Ray at Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. UK AND IRELAND OUT

An article entitled "Get Out Of Jihad Free" in the June 2007 issue of The Atlantic magazine details a program in Saudi Arabia in which al-Qaeda members were rounded up and given amnesty if they renounced their brand of militant Islam.

"It [the Saudi govt] put them through an intensive religious, psychological, and familial counseling regimen, known as the "advisory committee" program, aimed at rehabilitating them."

A key part of the program was the contact prisoners had with their families where they were often put to shame. It's no secret that al-Qaeda consists mostly of those who had been alienated--or at least felt alienated, or were convinced to feel alienated--from their country, culture and/or the base strength we all need: our families. This is pretty much how a cult or extreme organization allows its existence.

The author of the article, Terrence Henry, concludes:

"The Saudi program would not work at Guantanamo Bay--a place entirely isolated from family and Muslim culture--but it deserves a close look in Europe and Asia, and in other parts of the Middle East. And its apparent success so far holds a larger lesson for the American government: Al-Qaeda is a spiritually vulnerable organization. In the battle for the "hearts and minds" of Muslims, it is no juggernaut. Taking
that battle more seriously--if only by minimizing the sorts of inflammatory statements and actions that generate al-Qaeda recruitment posters--might go a long way toward turning al-Qaeda from a global movement back into an isolated, if dangerous, cult."

A link to the article:

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