Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Gotch Yer Bank Account For Ya

why you forget me to

eusy..? i don't

understand english man.
why hi never care about heart lady.you say you like
me and make love with me alot.
then you tell me you will come back to see me and
call me but you never do.

i know i'm the stupid thai girl to give you free
sex and make love with you all night
in my life i never make love with farrung man for
free..but for you so very lucky man

but why you have to lies..if you have some one
already please tell me know i will not angry you

i understand, not need to lies.

please reply my email if you

still stay in this world
so sorry i send this email to

you i jus want to kow you still

stay, and sorry i thinking about you never for

get you.

Hi Tarn,
You seem a little confused about a few things, so

I'll be brief. You say you 'don't understand english

man'. I can see how cultural differences between a

western man and a Thai girl can lead to misunder-

standings of this nature, so please allow me to

clarify the situation in a list of personal pros

and cons.
1. You are extremely beautiful.
2. You've probably got the best body that I'll ever
have the privilege to witness.
3. You fuck like a jack rabbit.
4. You've also actually got a pretty good personality.
1. In your very first email to me after we had met,
you supplied me with your full name, bank address, 
and account details.
See the problem?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Drawn Out Souls

The upright metal box buzzed a loud static, but noise doesn't attact unless it's an explosion.

Crap hanging from wires, sicking up out of the ground, tacked onto the crap sticking up out of the ground. The orange optic cable markers labeled like rat poison.

The Dr. H. H. Holmes Memorial Utility Room in the parking lot behind my apartment building.

All the while he toys with us, preparing, rising now above the horizon.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thai Astronomers

Thais Throw Their . . . Fruit In The Ring?

At today's meeting of the International Astronomical Union in Prague delegates from Thailand again showed the world why, to most, 'Thai', more often than not, means 'Fun!'

While the vast majority of participants were engaged in boring hour-long presentations, the Thais, it seemed, had something all-together different in mind.

In much the same spirit as the Thai Parliament's suggestion to the Bush Administration just after 9/11 that US should ". . . just drop pig fat on Afghanistan! Muslim no like pork!", a Thai Astronomy expert at today's meeting suggested the suddenly momentous three new planets raising intense speculation around the globe should be given names identical to those of particular fruits indigenous to Thailand.

"Planet look same Thai fruit. All people come Thailand say, 'Thai fruit best in world!' Name new planet same Thai fruit!", quipped top Thai Astronomer Mr. Somchai Subipaphan (familiarly known in the happy kingdom as (translated) 'meat-on-a-stick'.)

As evidenced in the above photo, response was subdued. Subipaphan was heard to say afterward, "Why farang come Thailand eat Thai fruit say good good not mean good good? Why always lie!"

The Thai suggestion may not have been considered, but, afterward, many of the insipid anglo scientists seemed transformed, curiously asking Mr. Subipaphan about the infamous "lovely young ladies" of Thailand. Intentions unclarified, but implications well understood.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

it's real, this! is lie.

"The images below show representative bonds (and pads), contrasting the AX and RTAX-S FPGAs."

Set a spot in the painted angle, it's there just reach across.